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Top Toilet Training Tips for Boston Terrier Puppies

So you’ve just adopted a beautiful litter of Boston terrier puppies and plan on caring for them through the most important period of their lives.

Whether you’re a Boston terrier breeder preparing the puppies for their new owners or you plan on keeping them all to yourself, you have a responsibility to give each Boston terrier puppy a good basic training foundation.

The first 12 weeks of their lives are very important in terms of learning good behavioral habits and being exposed to social situations with both people and other dogs; too little contact and an over firm obedience training can cause your terrier to develop a shyness complex later in life.

House Breaking your Boston Terrier Puppies

The biggest worry for most first time dog owners is how to get their new Boston terrier pets to go to the loo in a designated area, either indoors or outdoors.

There are 3 popularly used methods that work well with the Boston terrier breed and with all other breeds for that matter; there is the scented papers method, the constant supervision technique and the very popular crate training method.

Which one you choose to use with your dog will depend on how much free time you have to spend on training them; luckily the Boston terrier temperament is very easy to work with and you’ll find yourself making fast progress in no time at all.

  • Crate training – This technique is very easy to put into practice and requires little preparation. You’ll need a small comfortable cage, it’s best to go for one that your terrier will grow into, this will save you having to buy new one later on.

    You might need to use a piece of cardboard to half the size of the cage; otherwise you dog might go toilet on one side and sleep on the other.

    The idea is based on a dog’s dislike of defecating where they sleep, so being in the cage will force them to hold it until they are let out. Once they understand this concept they will continue holding until they are let out of the house.
  • Indoor scented papers – This is another effective toilet training technique that works well on Boston terrier puppies, you’ll need to buy some specially scented paper or pads from your local pet store.

    These attract your puppy to them and should create a connection with that particular spot; the idea is to get them used to going in one spot.

    To start with you’ll have to lay down the papers in one specific area and watch your puppy for any sign that he or she needs to go to the toilet. Simply pick them up and put them on the papers allowing them time to get acquainted with the scent and feel of the area.

    Once they are familiar with the routine you can slowly move the papers towards the door and finally outdoors.
  • Supervised technique – This method is very effective, but requires the owner to spend a lot of time with their Boston terrier puppies. You don’t need any extra materials or preparation, instead it involves watching your dog closely for any sign that he or she needs to go to the toilet.

    When it becomes obvious that they need to go to the loo, you simply pick them up and whisk them outside quickly. Initially it might be difficult to judge the right times to take them outside, but as time goes on you’ll soon be able to judge exactly when they need to go each day.

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