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3 Need to Know Boston Terrier Grooming Tips

The Boston terrier, also called the ‘Gentleman’s dog’ is a popularly sought after breed that holds a certain handsome charm which appeals to both show dog owners and regular family owners alike.

They have a unique chiseled look with a short muzzle, large beady wide apart eyes, a strong square head and huge ears that are constantly standing at attention.

If you plan on adopting this beautiful dog then you’ll find them to be well mannered, enthusiastic and friendly to all; they do well around large families and love to play with children.

Whether you have a newly adopted Boston terrier puppy or you’ve brought home an adult Boston terrier pet for you and your family, learning as much as you can about this particular breed of dog will help you when you’re house training them or tending to their health.

Fortunately as this breed is so popular finding lots of Boston terrier information is as easy as doing a quick search online or speaking to your local vet.

One area of dog care that owners sometimes draw a blank on is the grooming part, as every dog is different they will require certain types of care; some need constant hair trimming and de-matting, while other can get a trim every 6 months or so.

In terms of Boston terrier grooming they have their own set of unique features that might need a certain level of special attention.

Boston Terrier Grooming Tips

Combing the coat:

If you’re not a fan of cutting hair then you’ve made the right decision in choosing a Boston terrier as your pet; because they have such short and course all over body hair it hardly sheds at all. Some great grooming tools for your terriers coat are the rubber palm brush and grooming mitt

Put these on and start massaging the surface of your dogs coat in a circular motion, this will get rid of loose dead hairs and help to stimulate the release of oil giving a clean sheen to their coats.

It’s recommended that you brush your dogs coat at least once a week, but if you forget it won’t make a huge difference to their coats appearance.

Bathing your terrier:

If you’re Boston terrier starts to smell a little more than usual you can give him or her a quick bath, but this should be done only if necessary to protect your Boston terrier health levels.

Because they have short coats over cleaning your dog might lead to dry and itchy skin, which will in turn cause them to scratch more than usual causing sores and cuts.

Use warm soapy water and a regular non-chemical organic shampoo to clean out the debris and old body grease, after showering go over your dogs coat with a hand mitt brush to stimulate their skins oil production to avoid dry skin.

You might want to trim your dog’s nails before attempting to bathe them, just in case they react violently and scratch into your skin.

Cleaning your terriers face and eyes:

Yet another important area to focus on during your Boston terrier grooming sessions is the face, use a damp cloth to clean all over the surface and in between the facial area wrinkles.

This should be done on a daily basis and a lot of attention should be put on cleaning the debris and build up around the eyes.

Boston terriers are known to be susceptible to several serious eye conditions, buy a good quality bottle of canine eye drops from your local vet and apply on a weekly basis adding 3 drops per eye each time.

For further information on Boston Terrier grooming, we suggest you check out the highly recommended Boston Terrier eBook and audio package today!